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CONNECTING THE DOTS: Chloé Zhao, Janet Yellen, and Brian Armstrong



For the last almost 2 years, I have been living in the south of France and I get this question often “Where are you from?”. I usually give the answer — “origin indien, citoyen americain, vivant en france” — translated it will be, “born Indian, American citizen, living in France”.

This is the exact question that lead me to write “The World Belong to Immigrants, Nomads, and Gypsies” six years back when I was in NYC, inspired by a TED talk of Pico Iyer where he articulates how “home is not a piece of soil…but a piece of soul”. While writing that piece, I had a simple goal to use my personal journey as an immigrant and connect it to the broader global phenomenon of human migration.

This article is a deeper look into human movements across the nation-state boundaries and how this long last trend is becoming the biggest driver of innovation and change in society — in both good and not-so-good ways.

How Chloé Zhao, Janet Yellen, and Brian Armstrong give human migrations a new meaning?

During the last year over multiple lockdowns, I have had the opportunity to read and ponder on why people move, what do they need to facilitate such move, and why migrant crisis…



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