Start-ups need Grown-ups

-Stratsys bought consumer 3D printer pioneer Makerbot only to run it down over next few years

- GE invested in Quirky. Quirky partnered with Undercurrent. Both are solid growth moves watched by many that got unmade in Brooklyn.

- Robo advisor fintech giant Wealthfront is growing but lame in compare to the incumbent Vanguard’s PAS

- Theranos wanted to scale blood test for masses only to be exposed of bad technology and foul practices.

- Uber and Lyft, the pioneering Unicorns wants to take over the world and grow like virus before being stopped at Austin and elsewhere.

Mary Meeker has made it clear that global internet growth is slowing down.

Don’t you think it’s time for start-ups to hire grown-ups?

Polymath: dad, husband, co-founder, strategist, Computer Vision enthusiast, visual thinker and dog lover.

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